The generous support of people like you has enabled ECM’s British missionaries to move to countries like Portugal, France and the Netherlands as God has called them. And ongoing sacrificial giving from British Christians and churches has kept them there sharing Christ’s love and fulfilling their calling and mission. Thank you! But…

Imagine if your income suddenly dropped by 16%?

That is the stark reality for many of our missionaries currently living in the EU. Since BREXIT, the value of the pound has decreased by 16%* compared to the Euro.

Unfortunately our missionaries’ ministry and living costs haven’t decreased. The petrol they use to drive people to church still costs the same, the price of the milk they buy remains unchanged and their housing costs haven’t diminished.

What was enough just a few months ago simply isn’t enough now.

I am writing to you on behalf of our missionaries because most of them are hesitant to tell people when their finances get tight. Often they try and “tough it out” while trusting God will provide in another way.

Please don’t let BREXIT reduce the life-changing work that our missionaries are undertaking. We do love them dearly but don’t want to see them come home just yet simply because of their financial situation.

If you’ve been considering increasing your support or making an extra donation, now would be an excellent time to do so.

Responses to this appeal will be used to set up a special emergency fund to supplement missionaries’ income when they don’t have enough.

Thank you for getting our missionaries to Europe. Now thank you for helping keep them there!

*BBC News 12 October 2016