Pioneer Church Planters for Southern Spain

Long term
Alcalá la Real, Spain

Do you have the passion, training and experience to plant a church in a pioneer situation?

Alcalá la Real is a town of 23,000 inhabitants in the province of Jaén, southern Spain. There is currently no evangelical church in the town. A Spanish couple who work with ECM, live in Alcalá la Real. They are actively involved in various associations and groups, which has enabled them to start building relationships. Their goal is to plant a church in Alcalá la Real, which will develop its own leadership and ministry. Their strategy is primarily relational. Only through the development of relationships, can Christians gain credibility in the community and a voice to speak into it. This couple continues to engage with local people and use the opportunities they have to share the gospel in a sensitive, non-confrontational manner.

ECM is looking for a couple to join these workers and continue the pioneering work in Alcalá la Real.


You will adopt and follow the relational approach to church planting, described above. You will use your skills and personal interests to connect with people in the town, expanding on relationships that have already developed and finding new points of connection in the community. Once you have integrated into the community and established a number of good relationships, you will start to provide the kind of ministry (e.g. Bible studies) that could lead to the development of a church.   


You should have the training and experience necessary to share your testimony, disciple new believers, lead Bible studies and preach/ teach. Musical skills would also be useful. In order to thrive in this situation, you must be willing to learn from others and able to work on a range of activities and tasks related to the ministry. You will have a heart for people and a genuine desire to understand the local culture. You speak Spanish well or are willing to learn the language. Alcalá la Real has a language school, which you could attend if necessary. This would provide an opportunity to develop relationships with staff and other students.  

Unless otherwise stated, the opportunities offered by ECM are not paid jobs. Successful candidates will be required to raise personal support for their ministry, living and other (e.g. insurance, pension) costs.
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