Practical Monitor/Educator for the Good Samaritan rehabilitation centre

Short term
< Five years
Pozoblanco, Spain

The work of the monitor/educator includes a labour of a spiritual nature with people in the process of rehabilitation from drugs (cocaine, alcohol, tobacco and all kinds of pills). The rehabilitation process takes place in a rural, agricultural setting. The programme consists of:- occupational therapy, where agricultural work is the basis of the therapy, and psychological help both on an individual and group level with a Christian psychologist . All medical matters are dealt with at the hospital and health centre in Pozoblanco. The spiritual input is provided by the technical team as all are believers, pastors or elders in their respective churches.


Male, age between 25 and 60, single, hands on practical work with skills in areas such as building maintenance, electricity, car mechanics, construction. Experience in building or other practical professions is preferred.


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Unless otherwise stated, the opportunities offered by ECM are not paid jobs. Successful candidates will be required to raise personal support for their ministry, living and other (e.g. insurance, pension) costs.
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