Church Planter, Evangelist and Trainer in Southwestern Spain

Long term
Alto Guadiato

5 years or more

For the area of the Alto Guadiato and its surroundings, north east of Córdoba, we are looking for people to develop church planting initiatives within a team setting. You will build relations in which the Gospel can be shared and train others to do likewise. Furthermore, you train others in discipleship and leadership. 

You relate to others easily and are willing to welcome others into your life. Furthermore you are good at teaching. You are able to work well in a pioneer situation and have experience in a church leadership role. You speak Spanish or are willing to learn the language. You are an active member of your church. 

Unless otherwise stated, the opportunities offered by ECM are not paid jobs. Successful candidates will be required to raise personal support for their ministry, living and other (e.g. insurance, pension) costs.
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