Gerwin & Cathelijne Pruijssen

Gerjan, Nieke, Matthias, Joelle, Davita, Chiel

We hope that Christians in Drenthe and all rural areas in the Netherlands open their houses for other people, to eat together, read Bible together, pray together and discover together who God is, in Jesus Christ, through his Holy Spirit.

Partners in Ministry - Pastor-evangelist

Gerwin worked as a fulltime pastor in several churches in the Netherlands for fifteen years. In 2015 he and his wife Cathelijne moved to Frankfurt am Main, Germany, where they served as ECM missionaires for five years. In Frankfurt they worked in a multicultural context. They gained experience with ministry amongst muslims and they witnessed how muslims came to Christ. Their experiences in both the Netherlands and Frankfurt are a great foundation for the new challenge they now face back in Holland.

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In the summer of 2020 Gerwin, Cathelijne and their children returned to the Netherlands. They now live in Valthermond, in the province of Drenthe. They feel a clear calling to serve the Lord in this area and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They both have a special connection to Drenthe. They met each other there - Gerwin grew up there as well.

As a pastor and evangelist Gerwin connects with people in Valthermond and surrounding areas. He wants to get to know them and share the Gospel. He uses several multimedia tools to get in touch with people.

Gerwin and Cathelijne open their house for neighbours and acquaintances. They want to plant a missional community in which everyone is welcome. A place where the Gospel is being shared and lived. They also aim to train and equip certain people in their community to start their own communities (for which they cooperate with, in order to be able to reach as many people as possible with the Gospel.

Gerwin also uses his experience as a pastor and as a church planter in a multicultural environment to support and train Dutch churches and Christians to be a witness of Christ in their own environment and in their working place.

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