Uwe & Henriette Neumann

It touches us that most of the people around us do not have a “spiritual hunger”. Many people care a lot about their health, harmony, economic security, materialism, their home, family and esotericism. A lot of them want to be “alone” and are very careful towards strangers. On the other side do many others long for true friendships. Our deepest wish is that the population of Klagenfurt may gain an interest for spiritual matters. Many people are indifferent and suppress their problems. We want them to become more open and willing to talk. Most of them are disappointed by the Roman Catholic Church through all the abuse that happened there. They equate God with church. Our wish is, that they might get to know Jesus Christ and also the Bible personally. For the believers in the church our wish is more growth; especially for the younger ones, that they might become strong in their faith and learn to take over.

Henriette and Uwe mainly work to lead the church into its independence.
Their tasks are:
1) training the church: Uwe intensively explains books through the whole Bible.
2) accompanying men who preach or lead Bible-studies: Uwe helps the man who prepared it, so that he learns among other things how to outline the paragraph from Scripture or how to explain key words. Furthermore he learns to recognize important principles from an Old Testament paragraph and to apply them to nowadays.

They also go through different topics and they strongly encourage the locals to teach them. Potential leaders are trained to take over responsibilities in the leadership or as elders.

Furthermore evangelistic projects with the church are part of activities. They established a team, which plans evangelistic events in Klagenfurt and runs them together with the church.

Henriette teaches women, mainly older ones.

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With DMG/ECM since 1989