Peter & Kate Knowlson

We would love to see the church in PeƱarroya growing and reaching out not only within the town but also throughout the Valley.

We have been working in the Peñarroya church plant since 1995. There is now an established group of believers meeting regularly for worship, prayer, study and fellowship. We have bible study groups in different towns in the Alto Guadiato as some members from the church live in the nearby towns of Espiel, Fuente Obejuna, and Azuaga. Specific Evangelistic activities throughout the year support the day to day witness of the believers and the church community is slowly making an impact in the town.

There is a second-hand clothes store which opens each week to provide for needy families, something practical we are able to do in this time of tremendous economic recession in Spain. We considered how to extend the testimony of the church in this valley and so we moved to nearby Azuaga in the autumn of 2016. We maintain our work in Peñarroya whilst living and making contacts in this second town.

We need more workers for this broad geographical area where many would say they are Christians but with little experience of the risen Christ. Please pray for labourers. As the believers are growing in their faith we have appointed four couples who we trust may function soon without a missionary team and the church may grow even more in the several towns!

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