Alan & Celeste Pallister

People need genuine and transparent relationships - with God and with each other. Our desire for the church is that it should be true to its calling, living differently from the world around it (Colossians 1:28-29).

After thrity years of service in Portugal, Alan and Celeste moved to England in early 2019.  They have moved to Carlisle, Cumbria, to live near their son Andrew and his wife Eve. Prior to this, they led the Canto da Rola centre in central Portugal since it opened in 2001. The centre, which is based on the L'Abri model, now continues under a team of helpers from their former church in Caldas da Rainha. Alan is still President of the Association, although he is now living at a distance. 

Alan and Celeste are now involved in local ministry in England, which includes supporting two of their sons, Andrew and John and their families, as well as some preaching in local churches - the Grace Evangelical Church in Carlisle and the Methodist Church in Orton, Cumbria, where Alan was born and brought up. Other potential areas of continued interest are hospital visitation and writing. Alan has published several books in Portuguese and hopes to start writing in English as well.
Their eldest son, Ricardo, their daughter Lilian and her family reside in Portugal.
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