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Stories from the Fields

Portugal - Is Church Planting A Priority?

Freitas family March 18.JPG22/05/2018 12:05 "Until 2013 we thought church planting was a good thing but not a priority. The priority was to revitalize existing congregations to do the outreach needed..." full story

Europe: Mission on our own continent?

world-1264062_1920_medium.jpg15/05/2018 12:57 If you live in or near Bristol and are interested in Mission why not come to the SWAN Spring/Summer church breakfast in Bristol. full story

Yes, he may become a true believer!

Romania newsletter - 2018-02(2) Photo.jpg08/05/2018 12:51 'R' is an orthodox Christian, but a nominal one. He did not practice his nominal faith. This was the first Christian camp (with a large majority of campers as evangelicals) he ever attended... full story

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