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Stories from the Fields

From prison to planting a church

denny-muller-uWYedErgXgU-unsplash.jpg26/01/2021 13:15 What do you do while you wait for the people and funds needed to start a church? Goran is building relationships and letting people know that he is a follower of Jesus while working at a restaurant across the road from where the church is going to be. full story

Is any fortress too strong for God?

paul-melki-nGMmaVDWo2I-unsplash(1).jpg19/01/2021 11:15 Philippe and Joanne Mayhew have been missionaries with ECM in France since 2008 and here they tell us about what God was doing just before the lockdown in the towns of Donnemarie-Dontilly and Provins. full story

Our Magazine in its attractive new format goes live!

ECM Life Britain Winter 2020.png13/01/2021 15:15 Our Magazine has a new look and it has just gone up on our website! Why not follow the link to see for yourself by following the link below. full story




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