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Welcome to our service opportunities page!

You can search for opportunities to serve with ECM using one or more of the dropdown menus above.

If the country you're interested in is not listed, ECM does not currently work there. However, we are keen to hear from individuals who have a heart for Europe. If the Lord has placed a European nation on your heart, and you have the relevant training and experience for church planting initiatives in new environments, please contact us.

Selected ECM service opportunities can also be found on the following websites:


Please note that ECM can only explore opportunities with individuals from countries that have an ECM office or local partner:

australia  ECM Autralia

brazil-flag  ECM Brazil

united-kingdom (1)  ECM Britain

germany  DMG Germany - Partner

ireland (1)  ECM Ireland

netherlands  ECM Netherlands

circular-world-flag-vector-18445058 ECM New Zealand

spain-flag-round-icon-128  ECM Spain & Latin America

united-states-of-america  ECMI USA


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