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Another example of God at work in Europe

Microphone.pngJune - 11 - 2024 12:35 At ECM we love to see God doing things through others. That's why we are excited that the European Leadership Forum has broken its attendance record with over 800 Christian leaders from 51 countries gathering in Poland to discuss mission in today’s ‘post-Christian’ Europe. full story

Prayer changes things!

mohamed-nohassi-odxB5oIG_iA-unsplash-2.jpgJune - 04 - 2024 10:19 Europe won't change unless God moves. And our Father loves to answer our prayers. That's why we are offering you our free monthly Prayer Diary to help you know how to pray. full story

A picture of heaven?

BWR photo May 2024.jpgMay - 28 - 2024 12:07 Why getting ECM Britain's missionaries, staff and trustees together for a retreat reminds us of heaven. full story

Living out multiplication today!

Jesus.jpgMay - 21 - 2024 10:13 Tom and Grace Campbell from Amazing Grace Community Church in Ireland remind us of one of the God's earliest command to His people -- Multiply! full story

A place of rest... and salvation

News Stories (1).pngMay - 16 - 2024 10:32 Six years ago, Karina and Mauricio Aldana and Carolynn and James Webb arrived in the Basque Country, Spain with the hope of planting a church, when the mayor made a quick remark about the possibility of a small guest house for Camino pilgrims. The idea stuck with them, the desire for such a ministry deepened, and the doors kept opening. Fast forward to 2024, and you will find a small church plant and a fully furnished guest house with space for 12, having welcomed its first pilgrims. full story

5 tips for making mission trips more multipliable

Community.jpgMay - 07 - 2024 12:30 David and Samantha Gilkinson share their experience of how to facilitate mission teams that are sustainable, multipliable and worthwhile for local churches while still engaging local Spanish young people in the process. full story

From Iran to Northern Ireland...

kyle-glenn-nXt5HtLmlgE-unsplash.jpgApril - 30 - 2024 10:22 "I got to share the Gospel with M., M. got to share it with the two young men, and we trust in time they will each begin sharing with others. In the space of a week, we got to see a really exciting example of disciples multiplying." full story

What a joy to hear a child say," I want to be a missionary!"

children.jpgApril - 23 - 2024 13:08 Through her ministry in Spain, Delyth Sutton collaborates with parents to help train their children share the Good News. full story

ECM's ministry continues to grow

Statistics.jpgApril - 16 - 2024 09:22 Your faithful prayers and gifts have made this possible. Thank you! full story

Can a church multiply quickly in the UK?

Pete Benest.jpgApril - 09 - 2024 10:30 Pete Benest shares an exciting journey that has resulted in interactions with more than 250 people in Shepshed. full story

Multiplying young leaders in Slovenia

Sarah Deacon.jpgApril - 02 - 2024 09:32 Read how Sarah Deacon is helping teenagers to transition from being in the youth group to becoming young leaders. full story

Happy Easter!

He is Risen!.jpgMarch - 31 - 2024 10:00 Easter reminds us of the profound sacrifice and boundless love of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Just as He rose triumphantly from the grave, so too do we find hope and renewal in His resurrection. full story