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Does God answer prayer?

Director 1.jpgMay - 20 - 2022 12:55 A little over ten years ago, ECM Britain's Director Kent Anderson decided to put this question to the test. full story

Blessed by prayer

Delyth Sutton 2020.jpgApril - 26 - 2022 15:00 Delyth Sutton is one of our workers in Spain. When she was asked how prayer affects her and her ministry she wrote the account below. full story

A journey into Ukraine: What does it look like?

Ukraine Stats.pngApril - 19 - 2022 11:29 Watch this video and let us take you on a trip to Ukraine. full story

The job is too big for one alone...

masons-work-14075229.jpgApril - 12 - 2022 10:00 A sprint, marathon or relay?
In Nehemiah we read that the wall around Jerusalem was rebuilt because different clans and families worked side by side on different sections of the wall...
An illustration of the aid to Ukraine and its refugees. The video below draws this picture for us in more detail. full story

Hosting Ukrainian refugees

erol-ahmed-9XiN0r2NWSM-unsplash.jpgApril - 06 - 2022 09:47 Many people are interested in responding to the war in Ukraine by inviting refugees into their homes. Here are some insights on what to consider. full story

Caught up in the war in Ukraine

Artem.jpgMarch - 29 - 2022 10:30 Meet some people who are caught up in the war in Ukraine, a boy's dream, a small family's plea for help with housing... full story

Through your prayers...

News 22 Mar.jpgMarch - 22 - 2022 12:55 Update from a Ukrainian ECM worker: "22nd day of the war is over. One day closer to our victory. One day closer to having back our ordinary lives." full story

Where will God take you?

Margaret Willen.jpgMarch - 15 - 2022 09:30 "Who would have thought that an ECM Children's Camp on England's NE coast in the 1950s would lead to a lifetime's involvement with ECM across the world? I certainly didn't!" full story

On the ground in Ukraine

Ukraine flag.jpgMarch - 08 - 2022 08:42 What does it feel like to be a Christian worker in Ukraine at the present time? full story

Keep praying for the crisis in Ukraine

max-kukurudziak-qbc3Zmxw0G8-unsplash.jpgMarch - 01 - 2022 11:50 What is happening in the countries neighbouring Ukraine? We have just heard the following report from one of our workers in Romania. full story

Who are we and what we do as a mission?

Values.pngFebruary - 15 - 2022 12:55 See a short video which explains the ECM's value that shape all we do. full story

Come and help us!

Europe magnified.jpgFebruary - 08 - 2022 10:27 In a vision, Paul heard a man from Macedonia call: "Come and help us!" (Acts 16:9, 10). God still calls today - watch the video via the link below. full story