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A St Patrick's day reflection

amy-reed-49ZXvCLerUo-unsplash.jpgMarch - 17 - 2023 10:25 Patrick's Hope at World's End: A steady faith in shape shifting times full story

Angry and Grateful

News Stories (1).pngMarch - 15 - 2023 10:04 Viktoria in Ukraine on 12 Months of War. "God can handle all my emotions", says Viktoria Haviley, who reveals the personal and public impact of continued conflict. Listen to her interview or read the highlights here. full story

Let's walk!

News Stories (2).pngMarch - 07 - 2023 10:07 The creation proclaims the glory of God... Discover the ministry of one of our ECM missionaries in Youngstars, using one of the region's favourite activities, hiking. full story

Prayer for today

marcos-luiz-photograph-R6xx6fnvPT8-unsplash.jpgMarch - 01 - 2023 12:06 Pray for the International Partnering Summit in response to the Ukraine situation. full story

From a hut to a house!

marissa-daeger-jCctpZe3sZo-unsplash.jpgFebruary - 27 - 2023 12:12 They were living in a 15m2 hut. Now they have a new house, and a new smile. full story

Bring Hope to Ukraine appeal

Ukrainian women.pngFebruary - 19 - 2023 09:13 February 24th marks the anniversary of the start of a year of horror for millions of Ukrainians. Now, after months of war and a bitterly cold winter, many families who have lost their houses to missiles and shelling are left without basics like food, clothes and electricity. full story

Read our latest magazine!

pawel-czerwinski--Y0qPpeO5Us-unsplash.jpgFebruary - 13 - 2023 11:21 Is it important to GO? How does one decide if they should GO? Is it okay to not GO? full story

The war has torn down many houses, we are building them up.

News Stories.pngFebruary - 02 - 2023 17:57 Watch this beautiful video that shows David James' visit to the housing project. Thousands have lost their home in the war, and many of them are Christians in need. Now, we are building houses for them in partnership with the Irpin church. Hear their stories! full story

What if I don't go?

david-r-pariente-oME1kqnpTOY-unsplash.jpgJanuary - 25 - 2023 10:57 Going is important, but not everyone is called to go. full story

Visiting the work in Ukraine

News Stories.pngJanuary - 09 - 2023 11:30 "It is just incredible what the church is doing here [in Ukraine], how much they are doing every single day, and it is making a real difference. People are coming, they are interested in the Word of God, and people are responding to God’s love." full story

Iryna’s Christmas Party for Her Community in Western Ukraine

News Stories (1).pngJanuary - 02 - 2023 13:49 The Australian radio ministry Hope 103.2 interviewed Iryna, one of our Ukrainian ECMers, who shared what Christmas looks like for a Christian worker serving in a country in war. She invites us to witness what life's like in Lviv and how Christmas this year still will be a celebration of joy and hope. full story

A new year to tell people about Jesus!

Europe needs new life.jpgDecember - 31 - 2022 23:00 Now is a time when people rethink their lives, their goals and their habits. That means now is the time to talk to them about what is REALLY important -- Jesus. Oh yes -- and Happy New Year! full story