You can support ECM:

  • Online - simply click here.
  • By cheque – please print the Donation Form  and send it with your gift.
  • By regular standing order from your bank –  please complete the Donation Form and send it to us at the address indicated. We shall ensure your funds are treated in accordance with your wishes.
  • By donation through charitable agencies such as CAF and Stewardship
  • We are still operational in the current situation but ask you to be patient with us as our receipts may take a week longer than usual.

Gift Aid

If you are a UK taxpayer you can ensure the income ECM received is maximised through a Gift Aid declaration (please see the donation form). If you sign a Gift Aid declaration we can reclaim the income tax that you have paid at the standard rate from HMRC. Currently that means that for every £100 you give, we can reclaim £25 from the government.


Why ECM needs your help

ECM depends upon the freewill financial support of individual donors. While some support is received from churches, other groups and Christian trusts, the mainstay of our financial resources comes from individual supporters. ECM is a ‘faith mission’. It is only by relying on God’s providence through his people that we can and do exist. 

Whilst income from trusts and legacies is important, these resources are by nature unpredictable and produce peaks and troughs in our income. 

If you would like to support ECM we would be truly grateful.