Does God answer prayer?

Director 1.jpgFriday 20 May 2022 12:55

A little over ten years ago, ECM Britain's Director Kent Anderson decided to put this question to the test.

"I started a simple experiment. Every day I would write down my prayers. I would then come back regularly and tick off the ones that were answered. Sometimes God would do what I asked for and at other times He wouldn’t. I treated a ‘no’ as an answered prayer as much as as a ‘yes’. So both responses were ticked off in my book. But unanswered prayers were left in the book for further prayer.

This went on from month to month and year to year. Most weeks I’d write down around 30 prayers. When a book was full, I’d copy over the remaining unanswered prayers into a new journal and keep praying. I now have quite a pile of prayer journals.

I started this on 29 June 2011. So this has been a long and rigorous test. And what have I found?

The answer is simple: God answers prayer. In all of that time I have made around 300 requests that God hasn’t answered. That is only one unanswered prayer per fortnight! And many of the remaining prayers are the toughies like for salvation and healing.

I can affirm what it says in 1 John 5.14: “This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.” That is why we ask you to pray for ECM and our workers. We know that God responds when His people call upon Him.

Thank you for each and every prayer that you raise up on our behalf!

If you'd like to pray regularly for ECM, find out how here.

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