Christian leaders come together to help Ukrainian refugees

clay-banks-QkUvP57wi20-unsplash.jpgTuesday 14 June 2022 09:25

On 21st and 22nd of May, 72 Christian leaders from 22 European countries gathered in Krakow, Poland, to consider what they could do to collaborate more effectively in ministering to the people fleeing the war.

(What follows is from a Lausanne Europe email about the event)

"We are entering the summer season when, under normal circumstances, we wind down and relax a bit. However, the war in Ukraine means we are living in a different Europe from the one of just a few months ago. The images are heartbreaking, yet Christians across Europe are responding in extraordinary ways, and Lausanne Europe has played a part in that too.

"On 21st and 22nd of May, 72 Christian leaders from 22 European countries  gathered in Krakow, Poland, to consider what we could do to collaborate more effectively in ministering to the people fleeing the war. Together with others, Lausanne Europe played a key role in casting a vision for the Christian Ukraine Collaboration gathering, in identifying those who needed to be there, and in fostering throughout a spirit of collaboration based on relationships.

"A key outcome from the Krakow gathering were the nine working groups which cover everything from transport and aid logistics, to East-West church collaboration on finding homes for the refugees, to emotional well-being, to empowering and equipping leaders. Please continue to pray as these groups work on proposals for collaboration going forward.

"Just before the Poland gathering, the new Regional Director for Lausanne Europe, Jim Memory, also visited Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Germany. Jim shares: "I met with many evangelical leaders and saw something of how Lausanne Europe might come alongside churches and ministries to encourage collaboration. There are challenges in this of course, yet these can be overcome when there is trust. The Lausanne network has been built over the last 50 years on trusting relationships. Through working together we build deeper levels of trust and that then helps us to work together even more effectively.” "

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