A Journey of Encouragement through the Balkans

chandler-cruttenden-ffql6bGm_W8-unsplash.jpgTuesday 04 October 2022 15:39

A team visits 205 young leaders in 15 nations over 21 days. (Shared from Lausanne)

Evi Rodemann is the chair of groups and gatherings for the Lausanne Younger Leaders Generation (YLGen) and director of LeadNow. From 23 July to 12 August 2022, Evi and her team traversed many border crossings and long days in a van, all in the name of encouraging, strengthening, and blessing young leaders throughout the Balkans. In just 21 days, they personally visited 205 leaders in 15 nations, traveling a total of over 6,000 kilometers. 

Here is a link to an article from Lausanne charting their journey.

ECM is excited to work with many organisations like Lausanne which are helping grow God's kingdom in our world today. ECM member Jim Memory is co-Regional Director for Lausanne Europe. 

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