ECM aid in Ukraine featured in the Guardian

franzi-meyer-7ARN514bTuA-unsplash.jpgFriday 05 May 2023 14:31

Bread distribution efforts in Irpin, Ukraine, were featured in the Guardian last week.

Here is a quote:

"In the town of Irpin just outside Kyiv, where heavy fighting took place at the beginning of the war as Russian armoured columns attempted to take the capital, the wrecked bridge that was used as an escape route by fleeing refugees is being rebuilt.

"Elsewhere damaged buildings are being repaired, cranes and work crews busy. But while the ground war long ago receded from Irpin, the economic consequences of conflict are still being felt sharply in a town where the population has been swelled by internally displaced fleeing the frontlines in the south and east.

"The most visible sign of the poverty crisis can be found at a protestant church in the town where priests have set up six distribution centres for free bread across the area, the busiest in Irpin itself. There, on most days, about 500 people can be found queuing for a free loaf, with tables and a tent also set up outside the centre on the day the Guardian visits, offering free secondhand shoes, clothes and children’s toys."

Read the full article on the Guaridan website here.

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