Equipped to address modern issues

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ECM workers are equipping people across Europe to meet and become more like Christ. Here is how David and Linda James are doing this in Austria.

Linda leads the International group at church. We have been doing a series on apologetics, especially for techies — many of the group work in the semiconductor industry and are either studying for or have PhDs in that area. Some of our neighbours with whom we regularly meet also work in this field.

We started with some of John Lennox’s videos on science and faith (they are brilliant). About a month ago we decided to tackle artificial intelligence, setting the date for early May. Three days before we met, Geoffrey Hinton, nicknamed the “godfather of AI,” resigned as Google VP and engineering fellow to freely warn of the risks associated with the technology. In the week since there have been three other headline stories about AI — the latest being Steve Wozniak warning that programmes like ChatGPT will make scams harder to spot. We believe the Lord has been equipping us and our group members to engage in this important conversation.

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