New book dealing with rest and recovery

Recovering Life book cover.jpgTuesday 14 November 2023 09:55

Recovering Life. With this evocative title, Irish ECMer Colin Holmes invites us to join a life-giving journey of rest and recovery.

Having been suddenly set aside by a bleed on his brain it takes Colin some time to find his feet again. In this, he discovers a gracious invitation to rest and recover and finds a restoration and renewal are birthed that is more than physical, but heart and soul deep.

Popular author, retreat leader and mentor Tony Horsfall says, "It took a serious brain haemorrhage to make Colin Holmes slow down and reconnect with what was important in his life. In this moving story of his slow recovery to health, he invites us to pause with him in order to reflect about what we value most in life, and also how we live. Here is treasure mined from Scripture and the deep places of suffering that will fortify you to face your own challenges, as well as help you to re-calibrate your lifestyle."

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