Is God speaking to you about serving in Europe? If so, we’d love to talk!

CONNECT TO YOUR CALLING SM.jpgMonday 15 January 2024 09:09

'Connecting’ is a key thing we do at the British office. We love to come alongside people who are exploring whether God wants them to serve in Europe.

Christine Memory, a long-term ECM missionary who handles enquiries explains: “In arranging short-term placements for people, I often see myself as a matchmaker. I help make connections between those enquiring and the opportunities we have”.

This is also what we do with longer term enquiries as we begin a conversation to help them discern where God is wanting them to serve and what He is asking them to do. Most people have no idea of the breadth of opportunity or places in Europe where someone could come and serve within ECM.

Sometimes people already know where they want to go and what they want to do, while others are open to options. Having been with ECM for many years, Christine is very aware of the countries we work in and the ministries available.

Mia and Steve Bentley (who's story is in our magazine, linked to below, on page 11) initially contacted us about a short-term visit to Spain or Portugal. But we felt that they could be useful in Kosovo, a country that they had not even considered. You can see that they had a great time, and the ECM couple who they visited were so encouraged to have them there.

If you are ready to explore whether God wants you to serve in Europe, please contact Sarah Hay and Christine Memory by sending an email to: or call on: 01604 497603

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