The gospel through music: our project advances!

The Gospel through music.pngTuesday 06 February 2024 10:06

Find out more about ‘Whom have I in heaven but you?’, an album project conceived by Ali and Rich who are pastors and musicians seeking to bring the gospel to people in the city of Berlin.

They say: "We have nearly finished the recording stage, and we are already seeing how, even during the creation process, the music is awakening people to the truth of God here in Berlin.We are grateful to God for this opportunity to release a local album of songs with Christian content. From the beginning, we dreamt this album for the encouragement of the church in Berlin, and for the purposes of relationship building and evangelism. Now, as we have nearly finished the recording stage (with all parts recorded apart from the vocals which will happen at the end of January!), we can see how God is already using it, even through the creation process.

"We have seen how it has contributed to building and developing the relationships and contacts that we have within the arts scene in Berlin. Also, our hope was that the Lord would use the words and the songs to encourage and awaken people to the truth of who God is. This was already happening as we started to share the songs with people over the last few years, and now we are seeing this happening even more. Praise God!

"Our overall desire is to see the gospel proclaimed in Berlin in a way that can be understood and heard by musicians, artistic people, friends and neighbours. All the lyrics of the album are directly from the Psalms, and the final song talks about the coming of Christ.

‘He is coming once more,
King of Kings, Lord of Lords,
heaven opens and all will see, all will know,
even those who pierced him,
will you be standing?
He’s coming, he’s coming.’

"We praise God because the recording process to this point has been a tremendous success. It sounds wonderful, and it is a privilege to see Rich's many years of experience in the music scene being used in the missionary field. Our plan is to finish the album by April 2024".

Find out more about the ECM work in Germany here and more about Rich and Ali's missionary work in Berlin here

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