Prayer changes things!

mohamed-nohassi-odxB5oIG_iA-unsplash-2.jpgTuesday 04 June 2024 10:19

Europe won't change unless God moves. And our Father loves to answer our prayers. That's why we are offering you our free monthly Prayer Diary to help you know how to pray.

What kind of things are in our Prayer Diary? Here's an example:

SPAIN: Julia Mercer-Wilson in Llorenç del Penedès

Every Saturday evening throughout June we'll be holding our 'Discover Who You Are in Christ' course online. It is open to people across Spain and Latin America. The same course will be held face to face in the Acueducto house 29-30 June. Pray that God would shine his light on any lies participants believe about who they are and that He would bring His freedom, as well as give tools and speak through spiritual exercises to help remind us all of who He says we are. May cognitive knowledge (e.g. I am loved. I am forgiven. I am chosen), become experienced with all the senses. 

If you want to be directly involved with the success of ministry in Europe, get our Prayer Diary and start praying now!

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