Another example of God at work in Europe

Microphone.pngTuesday 11 June 2024 12:35

At ECM we love to see God doing things through others. That's why we are excited that the European Leadership Forum has broken its attendance record with over 800 Christian leaders from 51 countries gathering in Poland to discuss mission in today’s ‘post-Christian’ Europe.

Adapted from an article in Evangelical Focus Europe

Christian leaders gathered to discuss mission in today’s ‘post-Christian’ Europe

The European Leadership Forum conference was held in In Wisla (Poland) between 25-30 May 2024. Being the annual space where leaders of organisations, churches and experts in all kinds of cultural fields meet for networking and training on specific topics, many young leaders and a majority of Eastern Europeans have attended.

John Dickson, communicator in Australia, opened the first evening by calling for a "cheerful confidence to stand up for Christ" in the public arena while seeking a “cheerful humility that is ready to lose”, pointing to the fact that the Christian message includes death but ends in resurrection.

René Breuel, an evangelical pastor in Rome (Italy) has expounded the message of Revelation from the Bible with a special interest in its application to the temptations and challenges the church in Europe is facing today.

The ELF 2024 has broken attendance records, largely due to a significant increase in the number of young participants. Of the over 800 coming from 51 countries, the largest group were Eastern Europeans.

The organisation also made an effort to bring “hand-picked Christian leaders” from Asia and other parts of the world to the conference, with the aim of provoking dialogues that will contribute to greater collaboration, sharing of ideas and resources, as well as future mission strategies.

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