The Blessings of Summer Camp

News Stories (1).pngFriday 05 July 2024 12:34

Since 2004, Camp Timok has been blessing children and their families and has seen many come to follow Jesus. Some have now entered full time ministry as elders, pastors or missionaries. The camp began with a dream and simple tents, but has since been able to build a dormitory, meeting hall, kitchen and dining room to serve 70 people at once.

Like many summer camps, kids from age 7-17 come for a week of adventure and leave with wonderful memories and new friends. But at Camp Timok, the kids also encounter the love of our Lord, and bring that love home to share with their families.

There are fun practical activities like crafts, sports and swimming. There are other important lessons from doctors about the risks of drugs and alcohol. And there are bible studies, reports from missionaries and worship. God is able to speak to each child’s heart through the way he knows best.

Because Camp Timok’s goal is about the Gospel, and not about profit, they raise much of their own funds so that even the poorest children, often from Roma communities, can attend. The camp is also used by an organization for children with disabilities. The camp is wheelchair accessible so that everyone can enter the facilities. It is a wonderful testimony that these kids are also able to enjoy nature and have fun and joy.

Parents trust the camp. Not only because of their clear safeguarding policies, but because they have come to realize that the only teaching that really helps their kids make good decisions is the teaching of Jesus Christ. And after 18 years, the Camp has proven their role in the lives of so many. Parents have noticed the positive changes in the lives of their children.

Let us thank God for the nearly two decades of serving children and young families. Let us also pray for the leadership of Camp Timok- may they know how to speak into the hearts of children this summer. And let us pray that they are able to raise the funds necessary to keep the camp running, and that many more children will be able to attend and hear the Good News of Christ Jesus.

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