Stories from the Fields

Caring and training on the front line

Hands on.jpg30/06/2020 14:15 In Albania, a medical doctor in the Emergency Department of a trauma hospital helped staff and patients to protect against COVID-19. Read more about it below. full story

Bringing Jesus into the conversation

headway-5QgIuuBxKwM-unsplash.jpg23/06/2020 13:15 Terry and Christine Miller working in Spain adapted English classes into virtual English exchange discussions during COVID-19. You can read about this in our latest magazine, online now. full story

Changing church: responding to the coronavirus crisis

virtual church.jpeg16/06/2020 13:15 We think that this article contains some very helpful and interesting insights for you.The Evangelical Alliance has compiled a report detailing findings from a recent survey that sought to analyse how churches have dealt with change during lockdown. full story