Stories from the Fields

How Will They Hear?

igor-rodrigues-Nm8cRjaMqMY-unsplash.jpg08/10/2019 12:57 #How Will They Hear mobilises Christians and churches to share the gospel with migrants and refugees; it is launching a monthly prayer project uniting Christians worldwide, providing a free prayer resource for it. full story

The Changing Face of Europe - Green Shoots and Opportunity

jill-heyer-03ztkGdYWU8-unsplash.jpg01/10/2019 12:59 With Europe constantly in the news it is an opportune time to examine its spiritual needs. Find out more about this event in Bristol on 26 October. full story

Pray with us for God to Revive Greece

Griekenland_2154567.jpg24/09/2019 14:32 Greece is both ancient and young as a country. 'How so?' you may ask. Watch the video below to know more. full story