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Lviv, Ukraine
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The Russian invasion of Ukraine is causing a crisis situation affecting millions of people in that country and our hearts hurt for their pain. Remembering Paul’s words to the Galatians, as we have opportunity, we want to do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.

We want to extend that opportunity to you, inviting you to join us in supporting the ECM workers and ministries in Ukraine. There are three ways you can help them.

1. Pray

More than anything, Ukraine needs our prayers. Our workers in the country minister to thousands of students, children, orphans, and families through various programs, in addition to supporting several church plants. They all need our prayers. We encourage you to not only pray for them, but also share their prayer requests with your family, friends, and church. Let’s stand with them in their need!

2. Support them financially

The crisis is giving rise to new financial needs for our workers.

  • Tens of thousands of refugees are arriving in Lviv as they move from eastern Ukraine, and our team there has turned the church and offices into a shelter for them. They need to buy food and supplies for the refugees. Your support would be part of that help.
  • We have bought a minibus for the ECM team in Ukraine to facilitate transport of goods and refugees throughout the country and across the border, and we have provided an emergency satellite phone for our team in Lviv in case other communications fail. We want to be able to cover this and other emergency expenses that may arise in the future. Can you help us?
  • The Polish border is hosting the biggest numbers of refugees. We have two ECMers serving there, running different projects to aid and support the thousands displaced, and we are funding a part-time pastor/counsellor to serve the spiritual needs of the refugees, who have experienced heavy trauma from the war.
  • A network of ECM workers in countries such as Poland, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria or Germany are helping drive, receive, aid, and host Ukrainian refugees that cross the Ukraine border. 
  • The inflation caused by the war will make things more difficult for our team and we want to send additional funds for them as needed.

To serve these and other possible needs, we have established a Ukraine Crisis Fund. To give to this, please click here or use the Donation button on this page.

We will only deduct bank transfer fees at cost and forward the rest of your gift to ECM missionaries working directly in this situation. They will use it at their discretion to bring relief and support to people caught up in this crisis, whether in Ukraine or for refugees who have left the country. In the event that this money is no longer required in this way, we will use it for ongoing ECM ministry in Ukraine. If you are unhappy with this arrangement please contact your nearest ECM office to discuss other ways of giving ECM Offices

3. Share this with others

As individuals, we may not be able to do a lot, but together we can achieve much more. Please share this appeal with your friends and your church. God can multiply your efforts far more than you can imagine!

The team and the churches in Ukraine, as well as the European Christian Mission, thank you for your prayers and support in these difficult times. Please pray for peace for Ukraine.

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