Josh & Bethany

“Very truly I tell you, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be judged but has crossed over from death to life." John 5:24

Josh and Bethany with baby Cecelia are in the process of partnering with churches and individuals across Australia to go and share Christ in Slovenia. Based in Queensland, Josh is finishing up his studies at Queensland Theological College and working in IT, while Bethany focuses on caring for Cecelia and connecting with churches, as they seek to be sent by local churches to Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana in mid-2024.

Their desire is to join local Christians in the work of discipling Slovenians into the faith and into maturity in Christ, that the Slovenian Church may be further strengthened and encouraged in Christ. They long for people who have cast Christianity aside as irrelevant and unnecessary for a prosperous life to hear of and see the goodness of Jesus’ salvation and the relevance and beauty of the abundant life that is found in him alone.

It may appear that Christianity is alive and well in Slovenia, but the substance of the faith has faded away overtime. Very few Slovenians will hear the life-changing gospel of the Lord Jesus proclaimed clearly in their lifetime. We long to see people be saved and radically transformed by Jesus, and to see the Church in Slovenia strengthened and encouraged in Christ, so God-willing we will join local believers in the work of discipling others into the faith and into maturity in Christ, that Slovenian people may find the true and lasting life that is found in Christ alone.

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