Abel & Rafi Nuño

Estefanía and Samuel

Our deepest desire is to be used by God for others to follow in the footsteps of Christ as his disciples, and for them to be fully equipped to undertake the responsibilities God has given them in the place where God has placed them.

Here is their PRAYER LETTER of JANUARY 2015:

They are grateful to all for being part of their lives and support in multiple ways (financially and spiritually in prayer). In this letter please find the latest news from their life and ministry.

Rafi's mother, Adela, died in February from cardiac arrest. They expected it to happen from one moment to another and so it proved. They are sad but comforted by the Lord and rejoicing in hope that he has planted in their hearts. Thank you to all for prayers on their behalf.

Missionaries - Director of ECM Iberoamerica
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With ECM since 1987