Kristy & Kevin Steiner

Kristy Steiner served on the ECMI-USA Board of Directors for over five years before joining the ECMI-USA staff side as the Director of Operations in January 2020. Kristy has a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering, and enjoys making things more efficient and simplifying processes. Her main focus as Director of Operations is keeping the day to day procedures running smoothly in the office so that our missionaries and other staff can more effectively do their ministry.

Kristy has always had a passion for missions and has been involved in short term mission trips and projects in the US, Europe, Africa and South America. She became involved with ECMI-USA after her and her family repatriated from France, where they lived for four years for her husband’s work. While living in France, they became acutely aware of the spiritual void in Europe, and their hearts for European missions grew.

Kristy and her husband Kevin have been married for 23 years and have 4 teenage children. They live in central IL where they serve in their local church and community. They have a heart for children and are foster and adoptive parents.

ECMI-USA Director of Operations
Country of origin
United States

With ECM since 2015