Church planting movement comes to Spain

camille-minouflet-111751.jpgMonday 17 July 2017 15:10

ECM workers are helping introduce M4, a church planting movement that has had great impact in places like Norway and the Czech Republic, to Spain.

M4's vision is to ignite multiplying church planting movements all over Europe. M4 works across denominational and theological boundaries to see new communities of faith formed that will display the goodness of God to the people around them. 

Those who are involved in M4 Norway work with 15 different denominations and organizations with the goal to see 400 new, multiplying churches planted within 2025, and train 4000 team members in the plants.

Here is a video taken at the last Spanish M4 event which was atended by 100 participants representing 18 church planting teams. 

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