Stories from the Fields

What is it like to lead a new church in the 'Mecca of Berlin'?

kcw6_1000x563_acf_cropped.jpeg26/09/2023 26/09/2023, 11:43 The whole world has come to Berlin. It is a city full of people escaping. Escaping war. Escaping a religious upbringing (the Christian kind or the Muslim one). Escaping family. Escaping conservative cultures. Escaping broken and pain-filled relationships. We pray that people here will find the freedom they crave – completely, in the arms of Jesus. full story

Chief Financial Officer opportunity

jason-briscoe-amLfrL8LGls-unsplash.jpg21/09/2023 21/09/2023, 11:56 Our partner ECM International is hiring a Chief Financial Officer. This is an exciting opportunity to use your unique skills to serve God. full story

Reaching men in Spain

aaker-RYjRmOQtlUA-unsplash.jpg18/09/2023 18/09/2023, 10:36 "Through this retreat God saved me and my family. I'd been living a lie that was destined to destroy my life, my family and my ministry, but God now has me on the path to recovery and restoration." full story




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