Stories from the Fields

The war has tear down many houses, we are building them up.

News Stories.png02/02/2023 17:57 Watch this beautiful video that shows David James' visit to the housing project. Thousands have lost their home in the war, and many of them are Christians in need. Now, we are building houses for them in partnership with the Irpin church. Hear their stories! full story

We are hiring!

christin-hume-Hcfwew744z4-unsplash.jpg02/02/2023 09:00 We’re looking for a Business Manager to join our European Christian Mission Britain management team. full story

What if I don't go?

david-r-pariente-oME1kqnpTOY-unsplash.jpg25/01/2023 10:57 Going is important, but not everyone is called to go. full story




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