Waiting for the nations to come

road.jpgTuesday 05 September 2017 09:47

Rachel and Lemuel Feliciano are helping at a hostel for people hiking a traditional pilgrim trail in Spain, where they meet some of the most interesting people!

"Today at the pilgrim hostel, we opened the door in the morning and once again waited for the nations to come to us. Lemuel was excited to meet a Puerto Rican Pilgrim and to get a photo with her. Then he did what he always does with Puerto Rican pilgrims and walked part of the Camino with her (just 500m or so) chatting all the way. Later when he posted the photo on Facebook he was told that she's actually a famous Puerto Rican actress; he just hadn't recognised her! I've been deeply touched by some of those I've met today and had my opportunity to touch others. Around the table in our evening meal, Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, German, Galician and Checkoslavakian were spoken. My head is spinning with speaking the languages I know, attempting to speak bits of others and at times speaking a different language to the person I was talking with, in the hope that it would be similar enough for them to understand me anyway. When all else fails, that's when a drama degree comes in useful."

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