#HowWillTheyHear migrant ministry launched

How will they hear.jpgFriday 06 April 2018 15:12

#HowWillTheyHear is a collaborative campaign mobilising Christians to partner with churches to share the gospel with migrants and refugees across the UK, Europe & Middle East.

Millions of migrants and refugees have fled their homes due to war, violence and economic hardship. While the numbers are huge, statistics mask the reality of individual lives torn apart. They endure dangerous and difficult journeys in search of hope and a better future. Very few of them know Jesus Christ, we have a great opportunity to share his love and compassion, and give them a gospel hope.

That is why ECM has helped set up #HowWillTheyHear to allow churches and individuals to reach out to migrants across Europe. 

A great way to start is to pray, and a great way to pray is the 10:14 Prayer initiative. 

Discover resources, service opportunites and more at #HowWillTheyHear, including stores such as: 

Omar’s Story

Meet Omar, a Gambian refugee currently residing in Barcelona. His journey to Spain is complete, but his spiritual journey is just beginning. Omar grew up in Gambia. He was the son of his father’s second wife, and when he entered adulthood, he realized there would not be enough land for him to live on the…  Read more »

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