Bringing Students to Christ in Ukraine

Ukraine kids.jpgTuesday 05 June 2018 14:27

New Hope Ukraine, who work with students and orphans and are one of our partners, relayed this exciting news as part of a review of Europe happenings in 2017.

In January, the New Hope Ukraine team summed up some of the work done in 2017 with students using this amazing statistic: they reached 41,546 students  in public schools and universities.

We are very excited because this is the largest number in the history of the New Hope Ukraine ministry.

Reaching thousands of  students continues to be important. Most recently, training for public school ministry took place in the city of Kherson, which is very close to Crimea.There were 24 participants, mostly from southern parts of Ukraine. 

The coordinator of this  ministry is friend and coworker, Nazar Ilkiv. 

We are really excited about one particular person for whom we have been praying for more than ten years. This is Nazar’s father, Stepan. In December he made a decision for Christ and wants to be baptised as part of the new church we are planting!  Stepan is one of three people who want to be baptised and join our new church.

Bible correspondence courses have also begun in 2018 with many blessings!

From Olya Senkev: “I am happy to say that in  January, the Bible  Correspondence Course Programme had a good start with 25 new students. I received letters from 107 students, and 7 of them made decisions for Christ. And that is only in January! God by His mercy gives us more than we can expect.”

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