Meeting Jesus, Meeting Needs in Sweden

Algemene foto 5.jpgTuesday 26 June 2018 09:45

God at work - even in a refugee camp...!

"Zabi was born into a law-enforcement family in central Afghanistan. His family was under constant threat from the Taliban.

"One spring day, during a family wedding, the Taliban attacked the venue, exploded several bombs, and murdered many relatives. Zabi, his aunt and uncle, and several others escaped to the mountains. After a harrowing two-week trip, they arrived in Iran and later joined the millions who have immigrated to Europe.
Zabi and his aunt and uncle were placed in the refugee camp on Gotland. In the last two years, they’ve attended various outreaches at the FA church. Two months ago, Zabi, following the lead of his aunt and uncle, gave his life to Christ. Just two weeks ago, he bravely got baptized in his new faith. He continues to be an active member of our youth group, and he eagerly participates in discipleship.

"The trials, however, are far from over. Immigration authorities will deport upwards of 80,000 newly arrived refugees in the next year or so… and Zabi is on the deportation list due to an age discrepancy in his paperwork. We are told that most Afghanistanis have approximate birthdates, and many children aren’t registered with the government until 2 years after their birth, thus causing many age discrepancies. This discrepancy causes him to fall into a different immigration category – one that ultimately results in deportation. His aunt and uncle on the other hand, have both received their permanent residency.

"We’ve spoken at length about courage and costly obedience. Though it’s our desire and prayer that Zabi remain with us on Gotland, we feel we may be sending a young Christian back to Afghanistan, but this time as an ambassador for Christ."

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