A Passion for the Lost!

Mitch and Rebekka.jpegTuesday 04 September 2018 10:44

Mitch and Rebekka Hamilton are new candidates with ECM Australia, who have an unlikely story. They are preparing to serve in Austria.

Mitch came from Karratha, WA, and always had a heart for mission work. Soon after school he left his home to study theology in Sydney.

Rebekka came from Dornbirn in Austria. As a child she grew up in a church that was led by ECM missionaries. She studied preschool teaching and early childcare and knew she wanted to work in a ministry context with children in the future. They met through the ‘Year 13’ gap year programme in Sydney and instantly had a great connection. “Knowing that we both wanted to get involved in vocational ministry and sharing the gospel, we thought it would be great to do that as a team and so started our journey together.” 18 months later they were married on a hill overlooking Rebekka’s hometown in Dornbirn. They are now excitedly expecting their first child to arrive in October this year.

Seeing the richness of Sydney’s Bible-based ministry broke their heart for the lost in Rebekka’s home country, and after a time of praying and chatting to different mission agencies, Mitch and Rebekka felt convicted that Austria was where God wanted them to go. Currently they are gaining ministry experience in Sydney as Mitch works at a growing multicultural church in Sydney’s south-west.

They both plan to head back to Dornbirn and work among Austrian nationals, particularly disciplining young adults to be Christian leaders in their context. Their plan is to move to Austria within the next three years.

Mitch and Rebekka ask for prayer:

• Praise God for the blessing of children and pray for them as they prepare for parenthood.

• Pray for their child to grow healthily and for a safe arrival. Pray that he/she may grow up to know Jesus as Lord.

• Praise God that they’ve been able to have family time as siblings visited recently.

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