We had a dream and God fulfilled it

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How much can happen in less than two years in a new ministry? This update from Schwerin, Germany, gives an encouraging answer…

A big highlight was the opening of the Patchwork Center on 27th of April. About 250 guests came, of which 50 had to stay outside(!). We celebrated the opening with three festivals (the official opening, a neighbourhood festival one week later and a family feast after that). It is so special: we had a dream, and God fulfilled it. We renovated on old, empty, desolate place into a beautiful, dynamic community center. For many people, this feeling of ‘having reached something’, of success, is so seldom in their lives. Now we are operating the café — all by people from our neighbourhood. They do an excellent job. However, the challenge is now, to reach more potential guests, and grow financially. After opening the Patchwork Center, we moved our family feast into our own new location. It is a great blessing to have more space for more people, easier preparations and a close connection to our daily life. The challenge we are now facing is to build up good children’s and youth work.

During the building year, and after opening the centre even more, the fellowship time has become more intensive, spending time with each other from 4 up to 6 days a week. It is a great privilege.

We are very thankful for the many financial blessings during the last 2 years! God did many miracles, and provided for us in every way! Now we are facing the next challenge (paying of the credit and managing daily life, while having still some unfinished projects), but we are confident, God will provide.

During the last year, many internees and teams visited us. Without their help, we would not have survived the very busy summer months. In return, we try to challenge them to serve the poor and live missionally.The ongoing cooperation with the local school and the neighbourhood is great, we are very thankful for that! 

For a few months, some of our Ghanian friends connected to the Patchwork Center have started meeting on Sundays for an African service. Their loud and colourful worship enriches our Centre.

In September, we started a weekly hour of women’s sports (dancing, music, etc.) The enthusiasm is high.

Kepler Open Air continues as before. We still experience it as a big blessing and opportunity of doing outreach. The challenge remains to find the language to reach people’s hearts and developing contextualised apologetics. 

In July, we were nominated (among 100 out of 1000) for the Nachbarschaftspreis, a Germany-wide contest for neighbourhood initiatives.

For more information on the Patchwork Centre, click here

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