English Camp in Bugojno - a first for children in Bosnia

Teaching English.jpgTuesday 20 November 2018 12:59

Miriam Anderson describes how God has plans for children in Bugojno, Bosnia, through learning English in conversation, games and His word using a small team from Ireland.

"A fledgling group in Bugojno, Bosnia had never run activities for children, but were keen to run an English Camp and Kids Club for 5 days.

"God had his own plans and a team of just 3 arrived from Northern Ireland with a plan for Miriam and Keti (from nearby Novi Travnik) to teach English, Charlie and Jane (our daughter) to do interactive games, and Marianna and Vladimir (CEF workers in Bosnia) to share God’s word.

"Around 20 children aged from 7 to 16 attended daily for English fun and the Kids Club after. The idea was to get people talking together, and simply to leave the aroma of Christ, as well as the seed of His Word.

"How wonderful that among the Muslim Mosques, Minarets, and Arabic calls to prayer, in one small space God’s living Word was going out. Radovan (retired) who works in the area shared God’s word with about 45 people at the closing ceremony on the Friday evening. Praise God for a room full of people and the hope that one day they will be full of Jesus."

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