Poland - opportunities to share Jesus open up through sport

sports 2.jpgTuesday 27 November 2018 15:15

Stephen and Kamila Cackowski describe how sports, basket ball in particular, opens doors for further ministry in schools in Mikolov, Poland.

"This summer in Mikolow Poland, we hosted a team from USA (Georgia, Colorado and Alabama). Together we reached out to five primary schools where we offered basketball, American football and volleyball, as well as music and English classes. 

 "On top of that, as part of JORDAN BASKET+ (a project Stephen and Kamila initiated in Poland) we worked daily with over 100 kids aged 7-12, teaching them how to play basketball. It was well received, kids and teachers were really blessed and doors for further ministry were opened.

"Then in August we hosted 19 people from Antrim. Together we worked in the poorest neighbourhood of our town, building a communal area, where residents will be able to sit around a red brick barbecue, eat, have fun, and share lives together.

"We were also able to help renovate an apartment for a 10-year-old girl fighting cancer.

"It was a very busy summer, but we were able to bring the bright light of the gospel both through word and actions, to many people."

 For more information on Stephen and Kamila follow this link.

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