A Life changed through Internet Outreach

steinar-engeland-128831-unsplash.jpgTuesday 29 January 2019 10:37

ECM's Partner New Hope in Ukraine runs various Internet Outreach programmes.
Read the following story of a life changed through one of these.

Anastasia is 20 years old and writes:

"My life and my views of Christianity, step by step, were changed during the course I was taking.

"I study and live in Poland together with my boyfriend. I knew that God existed but it was all I knew.

"For the first time, I heard about Christ and abut His great love for  me on the city streets during the Christian street event. The news struck my heart and I realised that I needed God. I have felt a need for a long period of time, but what a need it was? It seemed that I had everything but somthing was missing. After that, I started my search of Christ and wanted to know more about Him.

"When I was studying the course, my coach helped me find the answers to many questions I was troubled with. I started to listen to her advice and it mad my faith stronger. I have learned, for the first time in my life, that the lifestyle I was leading was sinful in God's eyes. I made a decision to quit.

"My coach challenged me and helped me to understand the things that were difficult for me to understand in spite of all my efforts.

"I started to read the Bible and pray more often. Thank you!"

To read more about New Hope Ukraine's initiatives click here

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