Why Jesus?

andrew-neel-308138-unsplash.jpgTuesday 12 February 2019 10:42

Read the story of Amil who was searching for God and found Him through this online course - Why Jesus?

"Amil is a very open person who is searching God sincerely. 

"He is from Surgut, Russia. He is a surgeon. He is a Muslim.

"As he reported in his letters, he started to question the truthfulness of Isam. Islam says that Jesus is only a prophet and that he wasn't crucified. 

"He asked many questions. Amil's search of God and truth was so sincere. He even visited a Jehova Witness community for some time, but wasn't sure about the pureness of their views.

"I am very happy that the online course 'Why Jesus?' and communication with his personal coach helped Amil to find answers to so many of his questions about God and Jesus; to realise that the sacrifice of Jesus has a massive meaning for his life as well; that the Holy Spirit is not only a power but a person.

"At the end of his study Amil asked God to dissolve his doubts and strengthen his faith, to support him on the way he believes is the only right way of going."

If you are interested in the Why Jesus website, click here. However, not surprisingly, you won't be able to read it unless you read Cyrillic script and understand Ukrainian...

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