Pray with us for God to Revive Sweden

sasha-freemind-780719-unsplash.jpgTuesday 14 May 2019 16:15

"Three of the bigger problems Sweden faces today are loneliness; people are still missing real and meaningful relationship; there is an increase in mental illness..." Find out more in this new video from Revive.

"...and although Sweden has been considered an extremely secular country for quite a while now, this trend is continuing, and at the same time there is deep spiritual hunger."

"Pray that Christians and churches would rise up with a new boldness and courage knowing we have something great to share with our nation.

"Pray that God would use Christians to meet people who struggle with loneliness and mental illness.

"Pray that God would move in a mighty way in Sweden again, meeting the longing for something more that so many people have."

Please watch, pray, and share the video with others.

For more information of how ECM are involved in Sweden follow this link.

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