Loving Europe - Loving the nations in Spain

Lemuel and Rachel.jpgTuesday 09 July 2019 10:10

Read below what loving the nations in Spain means to Lemuel and Rachel Feliciano.

“We love the beauty of northern Spain, in particular the greenness. The climate reminds of us of the UK!

“But although the weather is colder than the South, the hearts of the people are not. Many Galicians emigrated in the past and so they are generally fairly receptive to welcoming foreigners amongst them.

“This is our home. We enjoy eating octopus and other seafood, but more than the food, we love the time of fellowship that happens over meals.

“In our church we have people from many nations and we also share with people from all around the world on the Camino de Santiago pilgrim route.

“In that sense, we take the gospel to the nations.

“But we also long to see more of these hospitable Galicians responding to the invitation to enter into God’s kingdom.”

If you would like to learn more about the ministry of Lemual and Rachel, follow this link.

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