Loving Europe Together by loving people of Romania

Stoll.JPGTuesday 23 July 2019 10:36

Below Gary and Ioana explain why loving Europe together for them means living and loving the people in Romania.

"Romania is a wonderful country to visit. 

"It has everything: beaches, mountains, ski resorts, history, vibrant cities, nature, hot summers, snowy winters, with restaurants and accommodation at low cost compared to the UK. 

"But we love to live in Romania, amongst the Romanian people, who are very warm and hospitable. 

We love being a part of the church family in Romania, a people who clearly love and depend on God, working tirelessly to make Him known. 

"We love the children in Romania who are so appreciative of small things and make a big effort to come and learn about Jesus. 

"We love the young people who are engaging in God’s mission together with us. 

"We love also the lost people in Romania, just as God does and sent His Son for them."

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