Pray with us for God to revive Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia.jpgTuesday 30 July 2019 11:10

The needs in Bosnia and Herzegovina are big.
To know more about how to pray for Bosnia and Herzegovina and its people, watch the video below...

"The needs in Bosnia and Herzegovina are big.

"The country struggles with ongoing ethnic division, a faulty political system, and a poor economy.

"Pray that God would bring true reconciliation and deep peace to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

"Pray that the politicians would make a choice to work together for the good of the whole country.

"Pray that everyone's needs can be provided for.

"Pray that God would raise up young leaders to lead Bosnia and Herzegovina towards a bright future.

"And pray that God would use the church in Bosnia and Herzegovina to bring healing and renewal to this place.

"Pray for revival, that people would turn back to God."

Please watch, pray, and share this video with others.

To know more about ECM's involvement in Bosnia and Herzegovina, follow these links: Project in Bosnia-Herzegovina and More about Bosnia-Herzegovina

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