MOSTY - Building gospel bridges in Prague, Czech Republic

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This is an exciting 11-month internship program for Czech, other European, and global learners who are growing as disciple-makers in their local context and are desiring to serve cross-culturally to continue developing as servants. For more information see below.

We desire that as a MOSTY Intern, you will grow deep in Christ, learn to live and lead others as missional disciple-makers, come to appreciate cross-cultural ministry collaboration, and be prepared to take what you learn back to your home culture. 

As an intern, you will: 

  • grow and learn as you serve serve part-time in a Czech church to support disciple-making 
  • serve in a volunteer role outside the church to extend the reach of the gospel
  • take part in a learning cohort to develop and deepen your faith, understanding of disciple-making and cross-cultural ministry, and engage theology and culture together participate in and learn to lead and disciple in a missional community environment 

MOSTY Intern Requirements: 

  • 21 and older at start of service 
  • 11-month international commitment, with 6-months of pre-field preparation 
  • December 15th application deadline for following year service (August-June) 
  • Raise finances for ministry support 
  • Ministry and discipleship experience required, cross-cultural relationships and ministry experience recommended 
  • Sending church support relationship (church standing with you in prayer and finances, encouraging and walking alongside you through each step including your return to the local church) 

For more information about this internship, follow the link.


I would like to apply: click here.

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