My memories of Bosnia

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A short-term team of eight (aged 13 yrs to 70+) went from Northern Ireland to Bosnia. But how do they each remember their time there?


Miriam remembers:

  • Most enjoyed: Visiting a family and praying for their health, strength and protection.
  • Most challenged by: The Muslim calls to prayer and a feeling that life is not ‘easy’ for the youth.
  • Prayer Point: That God would move in this land.

Rose remembers:

  • Most enjoyed: Teaching bible truths to the young people during the week.
  • Most challenged by: Language limitations – it was hard to have deeper conversations with the people I met.
  • Prayer point: The task of making disciples in Bosnia is enormous and the workers are few, so pray for the equipping of believers to reach into their own communities.

Keith remembers:

  • Most enjoyed: Preparing materials for teaching.
  • Best memory: Children singing a Christian song in Bosnian.
  • Prayer point: That the tracts distributed in the apartment blocks will be read and that God would speak through them.

Charlie remembers:

  • Most enjoyed: Working with a great team of people.
  • Most challenged by: The spiritual darkness in Bosnia.
  • Prayer point: Pray for ‘A’, a young Bosnian believer as he continues to live and witness in Bugojno.

Bernie remembers:

  • Thoroughly enjoyed: All my time in Bosnia. As the ‘Senior Member’ I loved the company of the teens: Jane, Daniel and Reuben - as well as the others, of course!
  • Best Memory: Meeting with hospitable believers in their homes.
  • Prayer point: That everything done in, and for, His name will grow and prosper while.

The Stats: Bosnia

Population: 3,759,633

Largest religion: Muslim

Muslims: 2,036,217 (54%)

Evangelicals: 2,207 (0.1%)

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