Set free from drug addiction and prison

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The story of a young man's transformed life and God's call for him to work in his spiritually needy native country of Slovenia.

Goran would describe his life before meeting Jesus as a mess. He came from an unstable home, with lots of freedom at a young age. In his late teens he became a drug addict and he was in and out of prison for the next 10 years. At 29, he finished his sentence at prison and then went into rehab in Croatia. It was in rehab that he heard about the gospel of Jesus as he was encouraged to read John’s Gospel. By doing that he came to know Jesus as his Lord and Saviour. And so everything changed!

When he finished rehab, Goran felt called by God to go back to Slovenia, to share the Good News with his own community. Upon returning home he started going to a nearby church in the city of Ljubljana, and this is where he met his wife Metka. They started working with Child Evangelism Fellowship in Slovenia as they both love working with children. Through this, families began to take an interest, and God put a neighbouring town of Domzale on Goran and Metka’s hearts to reach out to.

Domzale has a population of 13,000 but it has no evangelical church and they only know of three other Christians who live there. The people of Domzale need to hear about Jesus and God has given Goran the vision and desire to share this Good News by planting a church there.

Because of the difference of Jesus in his life, Goran shares: ‘We want people to get to know the real, true, living and loving God. We want to see people have a relationship with Him and we believe God has the power to transform this town for His glory." Currently Metka is doing a Good News Club and we are holding a Bible study group with the long term vision of planting a church here.

If you would like to know more about Slovenia and ECM's work there, follow this link.


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