On the way to restoration

Antonio.pngTuesday 19 May 2020 10:30

Antonio gives an account of the remarkable change the programme for addicts at the Good Samaritan Centre in Spain is having on his life.

"My name is Antonio Cuadra Jiménez.

"I have been in the Good Samaritan (Buen Samaritano Rehabilitation Center in the Spanish province of Córdoba) programme for eight-and-a-half months, and since I’ve been here it has changed my spiritual life, my way of thinking is more positive and peaceful, I have had less anger, and everything has worked for my good. The hardest part was at the beginning, the first months, where I couldn’t see my son or my parents; I couldn’t even call them, and that was hard.

"Now that we’ve been in this time of confinement, the truth is that here there is space, and we can go outside, it’s not the same as being closed up in an apartment, but it’s also hard not to go to church or be able to have a weekend pass to see our families. I worry about my parents, who are older and have some illnesses.

"Although there have been some changes during this time, here at the Center we have followed our routines, there is space to move around and go out, although I miss going to church, to the doctor or going out with my son.

"Regarding my future, I have doubts about some things, but they are getting clearer and clearer, I am stronger, I am more conscious about my age and what I want to do, that life must be different from what it was before entering the Good Samaritan Center. I feel well and I am preparing for whatever may come."

The Good Samaritan Center's purpose is to provide assistance to those affected by drug abuse, to teach prevention to families and the community and finally, to help people in the process of recovery from drug/substance abuse to facilitate their re-integration into society. In the last 25 years it has directly helped over 550 men and women. Find more information here.

For further information about ECM Britain's work in Spain, please follow this link.

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