Preparing for change despite the crisis

Lilly.jpegTuesday 14 July 2020 15:11

Peter and Silje Lilly who were previously in lockdown and serving in Montpellier, France shared what initiatives enabled them to keep serving despite the challenging situation of COVID-19.

"The lockdown has had a big impact on our work. It’s meant we’ve been unable to run our regular activities, like the art club, philosophical discussions and bible study. Despite this we’ve seen different opportunities opening up.

"It’s provided the perfect occasion to get to know our new neighbours downstairs. We’ve had lots of ‘socially distanced’ meetings as our balcony overlooks their garden and we’ve even started singing together!

"We’ve had Skype meals with friends we can’t visit, where we have been able to chat and eat together. It’s not the same as doing it in person, but it means we can keep the friendships alive.

"We’ve even had prayer requests coming in from unlikely people, and are thankful for the opportunity that this provides to share God’s love in the midst of people’s fear.

"Silje has been calling a lot of single friends who are especially isolated at this time.

"We’ve also been exploring using technology to build relationships with our UK supporters, trusting that the Lord will provide the financial support we need as we come out of lockdown and scale up our work."

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