Online discipleship groups and baptisms among refugees and migrants in Greece

dylan-nolte-HNXi5znlb8U-unsplash.jpgTuesday 25 August 2020 14:01

Our partner #HowWillTheyHear mobilises Christians and churches to share the gospel with migrants and refugees across Europe. Here is some exciting news from them...

Praise & Prayer

"Give thanks for recent baptisms amongst the refugee community in Athens, Greece. One ministry partner says: 'During the lockdown, God has been preparing the hearts of the people and adding to His church, bringing one miracle upon the other.'

"Pray for these new believers to grow in their love of Christ and to be faithful witnesses.

"Many online discipleship groups were started amongst Arab migrants soon after the onset of COVID-19, and are still going strong. Praise God that some have even invited families and friends from their origin countries to attend online! 

"Pray for many to find their true way with Jesus.  

"Due to coronavirus, the government in Greece is requiring most asylum applications or other requests for help to be made online. But many applicants speak only their mother tongue and have no idea how to use a computer. Christian NGOs are offering face-to-face assistance with interpreting and getting online, but the numbers needing help and the obstacles they face can be overwhelming.

"Pray for stamina and effectiveness.

"One hidden crisis, triggered by the current global health and economic situation, is an increase in human trafficking amongst the world’s most vulnerable people, who fall victim to false offers of work as they desperately seek ways to survive. 

"Pray for protection for migrants and refugees living in camps, at particular risk from gangs taking advantage of the chaos and uncertainty.

"Pray for HowWillTheyHear's ongoing mobilisation of more workers to serve amongst refugees and migrants in Europe. Give thanks for new enquiries received for long-term service, and pray for financial provision to enable them to serve."

To find out more about ECM's ministry in Greece, click here. If you would like to know more about #HowWillTheyHear, follow this link. 

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